Magnolia Ballroom

An elegant function space that is divisible into a maximum of eight separate salons, the Magnolia Ballroom will fit the needs of almost any event. A variety of award-winning services are available, including on-site catering and state-of-the-art audiovisual service.
Magnolia Ballroom

Room Capacity

NameSq. Ft.ReceptionTheaterRoundsConferenceClassroom
Magnolia BallroomMagnolia Ballroom13,2002,5001,400800-800
Salon 1Salon 11,360300100503050
Salon 2Salon 21,360300100503050
Salon 3Salon 31,360300100503050
Salon 4Salon 41,360300100503050
Salon 5Salon 51,440350130604070
Salon 6Salon 61,440350130604070
Salon 7Salon 71,360300100503050
Salon 8Salon 81,360300100503050